How to Find the Right IT Candidate for Your Business

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How to Find the Right IT Candidate for Your Business

Hiring can be especially difficult when it comes to roles that require qualified IT professionals. A shortage in the number of digitally skilled applicants is impacting businesses and economies around the world.

But using an intelligent recruitment strategy makes a huge difference.

An extensive BCG study found that companies which implemented best practice hiring methods were able to triple their revenue growth. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive IT talent acquisition guide which will help you find the right candidate for your role.  

Partner with an Experienced Technology Consultancy Recruitment Firm 

Substandard talent acquisition services, run by recruiters with little or no IT experience, are the reason a large proportion of hired IT candidates go on to underperform in their new roles.  

That’s why you should consider collaborating with a specialised service such as TechRank.  

Every TechRank recruiter has the IT background and experience necessary to accurately evaluate the skills of potential candidates for your role. We can also help you build the best teams for your business by identifying candidates with abilities that complement one another. 

Find Out What Attracted Your Current Employees 

Start building your recruitment strategy by asking your current workers what convinced them to join your business. Doing this will help you to discover which aspects of your brand you should emphasize to prospective IT hires. 

What’s more, getting your current employees involved in their new colleagues’ hiring process will help them feel better connected to your company, improving its overall workplace culture. 

Create Clear, Detailed Job Descriptions 

Job posting accuracy is one of the best ways to ensure the right people apply for your IT role. Descriptions of things like day-to-day responsibilities, company culture and requisite skills or knowledge should reflect the reality of the position you’re looking to fill.  

Using an experienced recruitment partner will help to ensure you get this step right. At TechRank, we understand you might not know exactly which skills are required for your new hire to make a success out of their position.  

That’s why we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive set of role requirements and design a selection process that weeds out candidates who don’t meet them. 

Test Potential Candidates 

Most recruiters rely on interview questions or past qualifications to determine if a candidate submitted a reliable depiction of their skill set. That’s because, with traditional jobs, it’s hard to create tests which adequately scrutinize relevant skills directly.  

However, with an advanced IT recruitment service like TechRank, you’ll get access to proprietary testing software that will objectively identify the candidates who best fit your needs. Ours can be configured to generate bespoke tests for unique roles and uses coding tests to rank candidates based on their current knowledge.  

Testing IT candidates is critical for several reasons, not least because it allows you to speed up your recruitment process and remove bias from your talent acquisition process.  

Follow Candidate Progress with an Application Tracking System 

Studies have shown that the highest calibre candidates get hired in less than two weeks. If you want to get the best, it’s vital that you process their applications faster than your competition.  

An Application Tracking System, like TechRank’s, will help you do that by streamlining your hiring procedures and making them easy to manage. 

From the TechRank dashboard, you can see candidate testing progress in real time. This will allow you to make quick decisions about who progresses. You can also schedule online or offline interviews, reducing the pressure on other technical resources and keeping candidate tracking simple. 


Hiring for an IT role can be significantly more challenging than finding talent for a standard position. However, by following the steps above, you can remove subjectivity from the process and significantly improve your chances of finding the right candidate.  

There’s no better way to be certain of picking the best applicant than partnering with TechRank. Contact us today to find out how.  


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