Top Five Reasons Why IT Recruitment Is Broken

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Top Five Reasons Why IT Recruitment Is Broken

With the advent of the digital revolution, companies are in desperate need for the right talent to help them evolve to meet customer demands. However, IT Recruitment has been untouched by any form of improvement for decades. In short, IT Recruitment is broken and here’s exactly why.

Recruiters Lack of IT Knowledge

Would you trust an IT recruiter who has no background in IT to find you the best AWS Architect candidates in the market? Of course not – but that’s been the only option, until now.

On the candidate side, experienced Java developers have to speak to IT recruiters who simply don’t have the experience or skills to appreciate the difference between candidates.

This scenario has been repeating for too long now and it is unfair and frustrating for both clients and candidates.

IT recruiters who lack IT knowledge pose a dangerous risk. They alienate candidates as they are unable to relate to their skills. If anything, a recruiter that lacks technical knowledge becomes a hurdle rather than a gateway.

Recruiters Arbitrarily Select The Top CVs

Without any IT expertise, recruiters use guesswork to quickly whittle down a large pool of candidates to a small number of CVs that they can send to the client.

Rather than looking at their Python experience, an uneducated IT recruitment agency will tend to focus more on general terms like ‘works well in a team’ and ‘strong organisational skills’ when screening candidates.

This arbitrary method does nothing to allow the most capable candidates to be hired and clients are denied the possibility of hiring the a team that can deliver a successful project.

No Candidate Assessment

After CV selection, most recruitment agencies are using basic assessments, like an unstructured interview or a screening call, to further understand the candidate. However this method does not assess the candidates’ capabilities, resulting in no realistic ability to either rank or objectively justify their selection.

On the other hand, a well-designed test that is based on the role specification, can produce unbiased and objective conclusions. An appropriate test is also uniform, providing all candidates with the same chance to succeed.

Shallow & Rushed Selection Process

Out of a typical pool of 250 applicants for an advertised role, IT recruiters will quickly select their top 5 CVs within a matter of hours. This is often done by a combination of random selection, skimming of CVs for buzzwords and a mental ranking of which CVs seem to be the best on paper. 

Traditional IT recruiters are desperate to show that they can quickly provide some CVs to their clients and so spend very little time in actually finding the best candidates. They certainly will not have the time to open all of the CVs they receive!

In contrast, TechRank is open to all 250 of these candidates to display their actual skills. Our candidates compete in blind competitions and therefore the best naturally rise to the top.

Passing on the Impact of Cutting Corners to Clients

Traditional recruiters are driven by quick turnaround times for themselves (as opposed to quality outcomes for the client).

The impact of their cutting of corners means that clients are left to:

  • Read through CVs without any further useful information;
  • Spend valuable time interviewing candidates who aren’t appropriately skilled;
  • Run projects with a sub-optimal resources and unnecessarily risk successful project delivery.

Candidates also have their time wasted by attending interviews for roles that they were never actually a good match for.


These five reasons represent the serious issues behind why IT recruitment is broken. We believe that IT recruitment should be the single biggest value-add to any organisation. However, it is often the biggest cause of project failure. Our strategy at TechRank has been developed to help fix this broken industry.

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