TechRank, the world’s most advanced tech skills metrics platform, underpins three products which are customised to your tech-stack. Together, all three TechRank products combine to provide synergistic benefits across your end-to-end skills life-cycle.

Custom-made, full-stack, ongoing challenges with gamification to motivate your technologists to continuously upskill autonomously. The resulting real-time skills data, visualisations and uplift help organisations to make optimal decisions and deliver more successfully.

Listener silently observes and inspects the code commits that developers make and generates real-time reports on actual productivity, quality, skills and cost-value metrics – demystifying the least well-understood areas in your organisation (or 3rd party suppliers), enabling significant competitive advantages.

Recruiter effortlessly ensures the cream of all candidates rises to the top. Quickly identify the tech talent that objectively matches exact requirements, shortening your search and enabling you to hire the best based on data, not intuition.

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