Why TechRank?

Boost ROI on Tech


Investment in tech doesn’t always return the expected value. TechRank improves ROI by providing transparency on the value you are actually receiving and helping your people to improve every day.

Accelerate Delivery


In the digital age, time to market is critical for any business. TechRank helps you to transform your existing teams and embed a culture of tech excellence, which can hugely improve your ability to deliver.

Improve Quality


Quality issues can push companies into ineffectiveness. TechRank provides transparency into the quality of your teams’ code in real-time and helps teams to improve their skills on a daily basis.

Reduce Costs


Costs associated with training, quality, delays, hiring and churn can accumulate fast. TechRank cuts all of these costs by using our expertise and technology to help your teams perform better than ever before.

Uniquely, with TechRank you can continuously visualise and improve the tech skills of your global teams and gain real-time insights into their productivity & cost metrics.


Transform Existing Teams

Uplift the skills of your existing teams by leveraging continuous and autonomous learning. TechRank Challenger’s gamified challenges are custom made for your tech stack and roadmap. Gain deep insights into the skills of your teams and optimise them for the future.


Visualise the Value of your Teams

TechRank provides you with detailed transparency into the skills and cost-value of your technical people, teams and function. Until now, these insights have remained elusive for decision-makers. Our reports are custom made to your requirements.


Embed a Culture of Tech Excellence

TechRank enables you to easily organise technical tournaments – in either single or multiple locations. Tournaments help to encourage a culture of technical excellence and demonstrate a positive commitment to building skills across your organisation.


Enable Continuous, Personalised & Autonomous Learning

Monolithic courses are the traditional way of promoting learning, but they are expensive, single-time, imprecise, forgettable and often ineffective. TechRank promotes learning that is bite-sized, regular and relevant to your full-stack requirements.


Hire Proven Talent, Faster

Our tech experts set custom-made tests for candidates that are aligned with your exact requirements, ensuring the best candidates are identified well before you spend your valuable time on reviewing CVs and interviewing.

Get in touch to find out how we can help to build high-performing teams for your organisation.